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Save money and time

With the right stack

At WeGotYourStack we believe that a development stack is more than just software. We see a development stack as a complete collection of building blocks you need to launch, maintain and further develop of your product. Our approach consists of identifying and optimizing three main blocks, namely: Software, Team and Documentation. When these three building blocks are implemented well, you will save a lot of money, time and not to forget a lot of frustration 🤬

Check our pricing section to see how much money you can save on your new project when you hire a WeGotYourStack team.

The right Software

Every product has its own requirements regarding software. Don't be the product-owner who needs to kill the current version of your product and waste a lot of code (equal to time and money) just to get to the next version. Get the right software stack from the start.

The right Team

Every product needs its own team who can work with the chosen software stack. That's why we believe that we first need to define the stack before we can build the right team. When stack and team are aligned you will save a lot of time.

The right Documentation

Every product needs proper documentation to ensure that the product owner has all the needed insights of the product. This provides guidance for both the product owner and the development team during and after the development process. It will absolutely make the development process shorter.

Need help with your project?

We got your back 💪🏽 (& stack 😉)

At WeGotYourStack we can provide you a dedicated development team including a CTO or IT Manager starting from €105 per hour (and yes, this is for the whole team!). We can help product owners from the start of the development project until the moment of launching the first version. Because we're a dedicated team we also conduct maintenance and prepare the product for future versions. Learn more about our approach and different phases below.

1. Scan and define development stack

In this phase one of our CTO's or IT Managers will discuss your product roadmap for the next couple of years. What should the first version of your product be capable of and what should it be capable of to make it an international success? 🚀When the roadmap is clear for both parties we will define a development stack.

2. MAtch with CTO OR IT Manager

Based on the development stack, we will match you with one of our CTO's, if full development responsibility is desired. Otherwise, we will match you with an IT Manager who will be the first line of contact for your CTO or product owner.

3. product blueprint and requirements

Our CTO or IT Manager will start with making the blueprint document of your product. This includes a data model overview and process flowcharts. This will be followed by functionality and requirement document.

4. put together the development team

Already during phase 3 we will match the blueprint and requirements with the right development team. When we all approve the documentation we can go to phase 4 and start putting some code on the screen 💻.

5. Start coding

In most development projects the development part is a black box. At WeGotYourStack we love transparency. So we give you access to our tracking tool, Slack channels and more. We have nothing to hide 🤓. At the end of each sprint ( 2 weeks) we give demo's of what we have build so far. This way you will stay involved and know exactly if the project goes as planned.

The phases before coding will take approximately between 3 to 6 weeks. Depending on the scale of the project. Check our pricing section to see which team suits your project the best.

Q&A Engineers
Product Owners
CTO / IT Managers

Who should have hired us...

"We invested almost all of our seed funding in development. After 4 months we found out that we had burned all of that money on a product which from a technical perspective was not scalable..."

- Levi Joshua-

Founder Startup

"Our development agency that we have hired immediately started with developing after our briefing. As agreed we got a working product within 12 weeks. Unfortunately it turned out that we had different interpretations..."

- Anna C.-

Product Owner

"The startup I've invested in did not have any technical knowledge on board. After receiving 3 quotes from development agencies we chose one that got the order. During the development proces we found out that it was not a good match. Switching development agencies would mean that we would lose a lot of money because there was zero documentation. We were stuck..."

- Michael G.-


Our Development Packages

All packages are monthly terminable 😌
€175 p/hour*
2 Front-end
2 Back-end
QA Engineer
CTO or IT Manager
€105 p/hour*
1 Front-end
1 Back-end
QA Engineer
CTO or IT Manager
starts from
€225 p/hour*
Unity Developers
3D Designers, UI/UX
Swift /Java developers etc.
CTO or IT Manager
* Price per hour for the whole team! 🚀

Why WeGotYourStack?

Because we are different. See for yourself.
Flexibility to the max

We believe that if you, for whatever reason, want to stop/pause your project you should be able to do so. At WeGotYourStack we work with monthly subscriptions. So no initial high costs. Pay for what you get.

Price Quality

What will you get for €105 per hour? Currently 1 or 2 freelance developer(s)? At WeGotYourStack you will get a whole team. And if you're located in the Netherlands, one of our CTO's or IT Managers can work from your office.

We hate black boxes

A development project should be clear for all important stakeholders and especially for the product owner. That's why we make documentation which is understandable for everybody. When you know your product well, you're more able to make good product roadmap decisions.

Blog Posts

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Every month I meet numerous product owners, innovation managers or founders of tech start-ups to exchange tips and tricks. During these meetings we often discuss product development projects that get stuck, exceed their budgets or in some cases completely fail.

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